Uncategorized October 18, 2011

Vashon-Maury Island is unique

Vashon-Maury is a unique rural environment in an otherwise developed regional landscape. There is nothing similar to this place for fifty miles in any direction: Vashon has pastoral areas similar to Lopez; there are wildly verdant rain forests reminiscent of coastal wilderness; there is little traffic (except when the ferry off loads), and people tend to say, “Hi,” to you, whether they know you or not. There are only two shopping malls (located in the town core) and no places where the houses are exactly like the next door neighbor’s. The reason for this is that the Island petitioned King County to be zoned rural in the early 1970’s, so in many regards, large-scale development froze at that point. Vashon has many happy secrets that are not apparent when you are shopping in stores on the one-block-long main street.

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